Partnering with the right people in your life is the difference between making it big or continuing to struggle. Strategic partnering is a major key to success in many businesses yet as individuals and on a smaller scale, we often fail to see how this same principle applies. The ability to see beyond what your physical eyes can see has catapulted the most successful people you see and hear of today into their God given destinies. Transforming individuals lives to those that are more than ordinary, where struggle and failure become a thing of the past and there comes an acceleration into the life that you were created to live. I have personally experienced this over the last few years where I have asked God to open my eyes to see who people around me truly are in my life and how I need to handle them, obtaining astounding results that have transformed my life. It is easy to judge people by the standards of the world and look at physical material things such as what car someone is driving or what their shoes look like but when your spiritual eyes are opened as to what they carry and who they really are in the Kingdom of God and treasure them accordingly, it can be a game changer for you as you know who to connect to, partner with, liaise a thing with and at what time. When you identify those individuals that have been pre-ordained for you to walk with on your life journey, it becomes very easy for you where others previously failed. You obtain favour from God and from Men because you do the right thing at the right time to and with the right people.

So as you prepare to step into a new year, my prayer for you is that your eyes may be opened up to see the people who have been sent who are around you, who are the answers to problems that you have had for years. Eyes to see the people who will take you up to the next level, who will connect you to that advisor, doctor, engineer, designer who will be able to raise your game to the next level. I also pray that you will be able to respond in the appropriate way that will ensure that you obtain favour with those individuals as because they are door openers, they probably have a lot of people approaching them for the keys that they carry. This ability to see and obtain favour is a sure way of you stepping into everything life has in store for you!