So the other day I went out to the shops and gave my 9-year-old daughter her £5 for being exceptionally good as a treat to spend. She was all excited, got dressed and off we went to the local Coop Supermarket. She raced to her favourite aisle, and she immediately bought a bar of dark chocolate for her teacher as a Christmas pressie for being so nice.

Being in the festive season mood, she then announced that she wanted to buy us some sweets that we could share and I told her that I am more of a chocolate person rather than a sweet lover and so she got me my choice which she does not particularly enjoy. As you do, she then went on to pick out sweets that she liked and we were good to go until she walked down the aisle and spotted something she wanted for her packed lunch. This would take her over her budget and now she did not know what to do.

What should she leave? Decisions Decisions Decisions. Tears started streaming down her face as she weighed our the options on what to leave and the implications of doing so. I chuckled in my mind as I thought to myself, “Welcome to the real world sunshine! We adults have to do this every day!” After the ordeal, she said to me, “mommy, I found it really difficult to make a good decision when I was in that shop. I felt really stressed and did not like it. I don’t really want any presents this Christmas mom, I just want to spend time with our family. I love our family tradition of being together and having so much fun with all my aunties and cousins.”

So how are you faring with your prioritised shopping this festive season? How are your budgets looking? Are you getting yourselves financially stressed in a bid to please everybody? We have developed a culture of valuing each other’s worth by the amount of money that we spend on a present that in a few months time will be either at the bottom of the shelf or at the charity yard.

Why don’t you try gifting each other acts of kindness or forming a new tradition/games where you tell or expose kind things about each other? Such moves are not going to get you in a financial twist that you will regret come the new year? Most of the items that you spend a fortune on will literally be half price a few days later anyway so maybe doing pressies on boxing day after a fun shopping morning together could be a way to get around it! Once it is all said and done, our greatest memories will simply be of the time we spent with our loved ones.

I will leave you with this scripture as my prayer for you during this season.
Philippians 4 vs 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


Tendayi Ndoro

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