A whole new Decade

Two decades ago we had just entered into the 2000’s, there was a lot of Hype about all the things that were going to go wrong with technology and I was finishing off high School! Discovering this photo warmed my heart, thankful that I still have that Colgate smile although I must say I had some seasons in the last decades that threatened to wipe it off my face for good.

As I looked closely at the picture, I noticed the prefect badge and it’s incredible how I managed to forget this great acheivment in high school all because it was not as important to me as getting the white blazer I had earned in Zim but they failed to recognise when I got to the UK..I was so grieved about this that it cast a big shadow on what would have been an otherwise great moment in time for me!

Funny how you can miss out on celebrating good things in your life because you are still holding on to bad experiences that happened. One thing I plan on taking on in this next decade is the ability to swiftly dust oneself off and move on when things don’t go according to plan. When I look back in retrospect, it wasn’t that much of a big deal anyway and yet I let it affect my self esteem and confidence for quite some time.

What were you up to 20 years ago?

What negative dealings or happenings from the last decade are you purposing to bury in the sand in order to fully embrace this new decade?


Tendayi Ndoro

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