I absolutely loved the conference! It was so informative, and the speakers were all very knowledgeable. I felt like £15 was too little to pay for what we learnt and what we got out of it. Thank you very much Tendayi for being such an amazing human being. I know for certain my finances will be improving (with some effort from my end, of course). Thank you once again, keep on inspiring us 🙌🏾

Sh'anesu Gutsa

Excellent service from my advisor- highly recommended.

My advisor was very helpful and made sure that I got the best policy that is within my means. I will be recommending family and friends to her because of the great service I got and continue to get.

I would recommend anyone who needs financial advise to speak to Tendayi Ndoro. My life has been changed and I have never been so happy through the service I got through Tendayi . She has been so helpful from day one until the completion date. I would recommend Tendayi to anybody who needs financial advice et, Mortgage, protection other insurances etc

A very great service, this is the second time I have used Lifeplan and will use them again.

Good experience. Tendayi Was really good and helpful in every step of the process.

Mwanangu, vanavapihwa ma Visa. Thank you for standing with me in prayer kusvikazvanaka, God did it. I am overjoyed kani. MwarivakugonereMwanangu.

Tendayi,  You have been God sent and I can’t thank you enough for walking with us. We couldn’t have done it without your calming effect.  Indeed we had a great test of patience but we wouldn’t have done it without you!

Thank you very much for your time and unwavering support through the fire, where it looked impossible you helped make it possible.  You’re heaven-sent. We thank God for you.

Tendayi,You have been God sent and I can’t thank you enough for walking with us. We couldn’t have done it without your calming effect …
You are heaven sent …

Tendayi how are you my dear sister. I am very sorry for not being in touch for a while. We have been blessed with a baby girl.Taona hukuru hwaMwari Tendayi. We are so so thankful for your prayers and encouragement always.its prayers from warriors like you that made the dream come true.
Thank you a million about the mortgage. We are over the moon, we managed to get tenantas well.
You have been part of this wonderful journey. May God continue to shower you with His many blessings.itirwayizvakanakanaMwari, vakupei zvikumbiro zvose zve mwoyo wenyu.xxxx

Hi Tendayi. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve found your books amazing and so inspirational. I hope that Jehovah continues to bless and use you for his will. I pray that millions of women out there find the purpose that out heavenly father has created them for and that they find salvation through his Son Jesus Christ. You have beautiful gifts. Wishing you a blessed Saturday and waiting to read more of your books.

Mabasaekutinamatiraaya.You hold a special place in my heart. Just want you to know that. You have been a spiritual midwife in this season for me, birthing in me something I knew I had but didn’t think I could push. Thank you Tendayi Ndoro

Life Plan Series, Building a Healthier Relationship with Money, Making it work for you!

This is a powerful little booklet that gives each one of us an opportunity to identify our relationship with money, our spending patterns and how we can actually build a healthier relationship with our money. “Money makes the world go round” is a phrase we have heard but in this book, we receive revelation on “The Biggest Trade Deal Ever! ”

The author has left no stone unturned to make sure that from wherever you are with money, you find a place to build a healthier relationship. She highlights 4 types of relationships with money, provides typical scenarios, prayers, a meditation on Scriptures and Reflections. This is not just a reading exercise, it is a helpful tool and an activation process of faith.

A brilliant booklet and looking forward to the next book in the Lifeplan Series!


This book is a powerful tool to have especially if you want to understand how money works. After reading it I felt so empowered and an understanding on how to have a great relationship with money.


I recommend everyone to buy this Book A Fathers Heart for His daughters.FAST DELIVERY also it’s an Eye Opener. True Revelation and surely one of the best books I’ve ever read so far.
It has changed my view of seeing things. I strongly believe that as I‘ve finished the book; I started walking on my purpose from day 1. I love her steps to actions, she explained it so well on the book and love the way she shares naturally her knowledge with the readers.

I’m now a new person and have already stated working on my passion now. I can’t be marginalising anymore, as the writer mentioned in the book you have to take to leap of faith and step into the things that you were originally created.

Yes, I can do all things through your strength. I’m so grateful to have been able to read that book fully as a busy mother and employee.

Thank you again for sharing this great book with us. It has changed my life to the greatest


I haven’t yet read anything like this book before. As you read this book, ensure that you read the prayers at the end of each chapter. Own them and believe that as you ask for forgiveness, for healing or as you thank God for the knowledge released in each chapter, knowing that change and transformation has taken root in your life. It is real! This book was truly inspired by the Holy Spirit. God wants His daughters free from all the issues that are being carried around and unspoken of by His daughters. Tendayi, thank you for your obedience and for being a blessing by writing this book. It is indeed a book of healing and release. God bless you for your obedience

Emma Ojehomon

I have the privilege of knowing Tendayi, she is a woman of God, her book is open and honest about her walk with Him. I especially enjoyed the chapters on The Entry Gates into a Woman, I have never read anything concerning this before, it was an eye opener and information every woman should consider.
Great Book! Enjoyed it immensely!

Kris S

A Fathers Heart for his Daughter’s

This is a good read. Tendayi is open as she shares the challenges in real life; inspirational as she shows the power of the living God.

Recommended at any age and stage of life…..

Phillip Banda

A Fathers Heart for His daughters

This is a brilliant book,Tendayi you did a great job every girl should read this book.


Blown away by the revelation contained in this book especially the one on the nasal gate and how toxicity in your immediate surroundings can stifle the

life giving gases that feed both our spiritual and physical man!!Thank you Tendayi for allowing God to use your gifting in such a real tangible and Spirit

in an empowering way! I am more than confident that my own identity has begun to be transformed back to that which my Father originally intended for me all for His glory.


Not only for women but for men who desire to understand, appreciate and love the women in their lives. Blessings



A thought provoking read which allowed me to take my own journey parallel to the story, awakening desires and passions that form my true identity that I had neglected or shall I say, life had stopped me from fully harnessing. The sleeping lioness has been awakened! Looking forward to the next book.


It was a pleasure being at the coffee break, so refreshing and cleared up a lot of things. Your book A Fathers Heart for his Daughters has really inspired me to not be afraid of taking the road less travelled and to restore to factory settings- Thank you

Jackie - Harare

Oooh Prophetess! I enjoyed meeting you and I was very much inspired.you are a dynamite.may God the almighty continue using you as his vessel….

Violet - Zimbabwe

Hmmmm that’s exactly what I needed to hear . Relationships with money. I would get money and find myself buying things which are not even necessary or on my budget. Thank you so much am really trying not to have short time relationship with money-

B InspiredKhaya Bulawayo