Stop comparing Yourself! Different Scales- Different Measurements

Yesterday I had a very interesting conversation with a dear friend of mine who shared how she had attended a TV Christian Show which was very good but had left her feeling deflated. The people on set had gorgeous figures, had successful ministries, successful businesses and seemed to have it all together. It left her comparing herself to them and looking at the flab on her belly and how there was barely anything to write home about in her bank account! In fact she began to scrutinise every area of her life and felt like she was not doing anything right! Now this is a phenomenal woman whom if you have the privilege of getting into contact with at any point, she leaves you encouraged, revived and uplifted. Her work changes lives daily and she is gifted in so many ways.

I looked at this issue as had a somewhat similar experience earlier in the week where someone very close to me brought into question the things that I do for them in a non appreciative way which left me feeling pretty deflated too! I realised how easy it is to get taken off the course of the route and plans that you know you need to run with by side distractions that threaten to get you standing to a halt. The world in its judgements can be pretty harsh and tell you that you are too loud, too fat, to slow, too quiet and there is always a pressure to be like so and so, a judgement and age prejudice that says well by 40 you should have achieved this, or by year 5 your business profits should be this or that! Whist measurements, time frames and scales give us a good measure of how things are going, I want to encourage someone out there to keep focused on your own lot and not compare yourself to others!

I would like to look at a few Biblical characters lives whom we have come to know as Greats! Elijah had just brought down fire from heaven and straight from there was found living in hiding in a cave and having to be fed by birds and going to get fed by a poor widow who was on her last meal! Surely other people who did not claim to have such a Mighty God had better standards of living than that and probably sneered and laughed behind his back saying why can’t his God give him a steady income and stop him from begging like he does. Jacob after receiving a incredible blessing from this father, and seeing angels ascending and descending from heaven went on to labour in vain at his uncles place for 14 years without the just pay! During this time his brother Esau was probably in a more enviable position, getting married and having babies, a free man! Joseph after having some magnificent dreams where he was promised Greatness, was thrown into a pit, sold as a slave and wound up in prison! So much for that coat of many colours and being the favourite son without being able to live with the father who favoured him so!

These individuals still went on to do incredible things and have great positive influence in their spheres, because they did not give up and kept pursuing that which was promised to them and what was to be fulfilled through them.
They probably had compared themselves to others at several points but this did not stop them from pressing on to the mark of their highest calling. You may be sitting there thinking things like its not fair that I got diagnosed with this or that; I’ve been married for 10 years and have no child yet; I’ve gained to much weight to go back to my career in modelling; I’m tired of being a single parent and having to do everything on my own or I’m 8 years in ministry and still only have 50 members! King Solomon in his wisdom wrote “The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favour to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all.” You are designed to fulfil what only you were born to do, the timings and things you are experiencing are all sharpening you and teaching you for the things you need to know as you make an imprint on this earth.

Do not be discouraged! You are being weighed on a different scale to others, there are different measurements and time frames for your progress. Keep pressing on towards the mark of YOUR highest calling! You will come out on top!