Signed Copy – A Father’s Heart for His Daughters: Restoration of True Identity


In every female, there is a lioness whom when she roars, has the ability to change the atmosphere in the environment around her. With her prowess, swiftness and skill, she can eradicate any potential threat around her as she prowls around
confidently. She is not only able to safeguard what belongs to her, but she is able to attack and claim what she desires and boldly reclaim what has been wrongfully taken away from her.

Past experiences such as trauma, persecution, heartbreak, inequality in work
settings and society, are some issues which as a whole have taken several women off the path of their destiny. A Father’s heart for His daughters is a book that talks of restoration of one’s true God given identity and is a must read for anyone who is interested in realigning themselves to their God given purpose
despite the circumstances life has put them through. It is for all women out there to understand who they are, with the hope that they do not have to go through the same identity crisis that several other women including myself have had to walk through!.