So my long awaited blog page is finally here at thanks to Tawanda Mukoko​ at Brand Design Solutions. I love to communicate face to face and over the last year I have discovered that I have a little knack of also getting the message across on paper and writing scripts to encourage, warn and equip people. I was nagged for ages to set up a blog page but when it comes to technology, lets just say I still write my presentation notes with pen and paper!

Then I came across someone who caught my vision and what was in my heart, to inspire and motivate people to be the best that they were created to be, who happened to be gifted in understanding technology and have a creative flair to be able to present my messages in a way that is not so archaic. As a life coach and financial advisor I am trained to look for talent and treasures in hidden unlikely places and am not one to judge a book by its cover but am also aware that packaging and presentation enhance the flavour of whatever is being served. I am therefore grateful for those who have stepped up in their areas of gifting and talent to do for me the things that I have had major shortcomings in. When you uplift others, you will be uplifted. You have to use the gift and talents that you have because someone is crying out to God for the very solution that you have in your hand. Release that talent by using it and watch expansion and success follow you. The time for false humility and being overly modest is over, stand up in your position with confidence and line yourself up to be counted amongst the greats in your field.

Thanks again Tawanda Mukoko for standing in the gap in this world of technology which vexes people like me. May God enlarge your territory and give you great success in every platform that your business enters into. May your gift and talent make room for you and put you before kings and queens. May you find favour with God and with men in all that you do!

And if you are reading this post this morning I pray that you do not make it to the grave without discovering your niche market where you were created to thrive because it is linked to your purpose on earth. A rising up to the call on your life, a boldness to go into the world with your light and an ability to shine, for your light has come!.