There is more to you than what meets the eye! You do not have to take it anymore

After having an amazing trip to the States in the historic city of Selma, I have been reflecting on some of the lies that our societies have fed into people’s minds, especially women that keep us in a limited life of bondage.  I know abuse also happens to men and that is a topic I will deal with on another day but  I wanted to write something about it as within the last week only I have encountered, spoke to  and read about several women who are experiencing turmoil within their marriages due to some sort of abuse and this deeply saddened me.  Our societies have made it acceptable that it is alright for men to cheat on women  and they need to forgive and move on but if the reverse were to happen, it is definitely grounds for a divorce and the majority of men would not tolerate it. Little work or effort is put into dealing with the violation of trust and one’s body that actually transacts with such an incident.  There are women who are being beaten up and have accepted that it is their fault and they did something to make him upset or are being abused mentally by having their confidence ripped into tatters and this is simply not acceptable!

I want to awaken someone today and let you know that you are far more precious than the diamonds or precious jewels that your man may purchase for you to appease you of his bad behaviour.  You are created in the image of God himself and have his breathe flowing through you.  You are the priceless vessel which he chose and continues to chose to naturally incubate the replication of mankind on this earth and he wants to have an intimate relationship with you to reawaken you to your true worth.  Do not settle for anything less than the best because that is your true worth.  When you are confused and hurt run back to him, the author and finisher of your faith.  He is able to restore you back to his original intentions and plans for you. Back to the place where you really you’re your identity and therefore no power, no principality no demon will be able to mess with you again!  He has counted every tear you have cried and is waiting on you to run back to him, he is able to fill you up and make that tattered broken heart whole again!

My recent book “A Fathers Heart for His Daughters’ talks about the various gates in which access to a woman and the greatness she carries can be entered and a snippet from the Heart Gate says;

The unseen toxins that spiritually affect the functioning of the heart are hate, guilt, hurt, fear, worry, distrust, jealousy, anger, pain, un- forgiveness, blame, bitterness and any other negative emotions that often grip the hearts of women. These seemingly insignificant emotions may often cause a ripple effect in the individual’s life as a build-up of them and hence contamination occurs and circulates around the body.  Proverbs 23 vs 7 says, As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”It is no wonder that despite the fact that the person who was hurt and abused, even when it was not their fault, seems to live out and experience the negative repercussions over and over again to the detriment of their lives. This is clearly evidenced by various crime victims who have not gone through a therapeutic healing experience and how an incident of the crime that broke their hearts has led them to live a life riddled with pain, fear and worry. It seems unfair to me as I would personally prefer to see any negative repercussions of any act of crime falling mainly in the life of the person who has committed the crime. This stagnation in most victims’ lives keeps on until they decide to move on with their life and deal with what happened to them with a view of releasing it.”


The Chapter titled The dangers of Desperation goes on to say “The trouble with a mentally abusive relationship is it is not as evident as a physically abusive one and you can spend a lot of time trying to work out root causes and where you played a part in their unacceptable behaviour to no satisfactory avail. When the perpetrator comes back to apologise and tells you they behaved that way because they loved you too much, that broken part of you seems to think forgiving and taking them back is what is best and will solve the issues. And so the cycle continues for a time until a victim is able to realise that this is one individual that will ensure that they are not going to fulfil their God ordained mandate by sticking with such an individual while he plays God in their lives and robs them of any poetic license to the things that they personally feel led to do. “


So rise up precious one!  No longer let your identity be ridded with pain, tears, hurt and disappointment.  You are worth much more than you have been made to believe and there is much more beautiful colour to your story than what you have been made to believe.  You can make it and will do great things in this lifetime.  Separate yourself physically, mentally, emotionally or whichever way you need to from your abuser, pick up your mat and run to God who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that you can ask or imagine according to his power that is at work within you.  He loves you and wants to perfect everything concerning you.  Your life matters to him and you should not settle for anything less than your true worth!  Ashes to Beauty I declare over your life today. God is able and is waiting on you to step into his good and perfect

promises for you!