Speak Out!

There is an old saying in my homeland that translates to “a child that does not cry will die in the cradle” and this week I have been realising the importance of speaking out your issues to the right people. I guess the thing that discourages most people from opening up in areas of struggle or challenge is the fear of being judged or becoming the talk of the town. Whilst you do not have to run your business around all the town, sharing with a few solution focused friends, colleagues or even strangers, could be the difference between you continuing to struggle or having someone who can alleviate you of that perennial struggle. Is it your business that is in trouble, confide in others whose strength is troubleshooting. Your marriage, talk to someone who is good at looking at things objectively and can help you constructively in seeing areas where you possibly are contributing negatively and how you can overcome some of the hurdles. The ironic thing is they do not need to be in business or have gone through what you are going through to have the solution to your problem. I have had some of the most awesome concepts and ideas taught to me by people in totally different circumstances from me. As long as you keep an open mind and are prepared to learn and change some things, you will get a turnaround in your circumstances. I hear people shouting turnaround is coming my way, but know that for things to turnaround, there has to be movement that occurs, you will need to work and do certain things differently.

The second area that it is crucial to speak out is the area of your dreams. When you do not share them with anyone in fear that they may be seen as ambitious, that people will steal them, not only do you shut the doors of opportunity that could open out to you, but you yourself forget what it is that you truly want and your passion and zeal gathers dust on the window sill together with that dream and desire that was put in you because you had what it takes to fulfil it. I am so surprised that when people look at the story of Joseph, they always view him telling his brothers his dream as a negative thing because it brewed jealousy in them and caused them to first throw him into a pit then to sell him as a slave. Without that chain of seemingly negative experiences that included being thrown into prison, he would never have ended up as prime minister of Egypt and brought salvation to a whole nation including his family during the time of famine. When you are a purpose driven individual and you know that you have an assignment to fulfil here on earth, nothing and I mean nothing can stand in the way of your God Given assignment. In fact everything that you see happening to you is actually working together for your good because you love God and have a calling to fulfil a destiny purpose.

So this morning I want to encourage someone who has been keeping that issue bandaged up and not telling a soul. It is getting gangrene under that plaster and you need to SPEAK OUT! Like the woman who had the issue of blood for 12 year who came out of her confinements and crawled out openly into the crowds, I pray that as you are led to the right person to open up your pain, frustration, disappointment, fear or trouble, it may be like touching the hem of the Messiah Jesus’ garment and that healing, breakthrough and great transformation may come your way! I pray that as you share your vision and dream with someone, heavenly hosts may be sent on assignment to align the connections, resources and partners that you need to bring things to fruition for you. I ask this in Jesus Mighty name!.