I just had a moment and call to action to being aware of whether my actions (deeds) are those which bring those around me from a negative to positive position or whether I was so wrapped up in my little world that I was simply not aware of those around me who I can impact and reflect the love that Jesus Christ has for them in the little ways I was built and equipped to.

One easily forgets that once you gain insight into something incredible like the kingdom of God and Jesus Christ’s love for them, as you press into the knowledge of him, he removes the false identity that had marked you and awakens you to your true self. Once you know, it is not only so that you can form a small little group of other believers that are isolated from the realities of the world around you and others who are surrounding you but you need to GO and shine the light that will draw others to it too. This marvellous light found in Jesus Christ is such that one can experience peace during storms, strength during weaknesses, hope, in hopeless situations, love when one is most fearful. Jesus would be found in action where the misfits, lost, unaccepted and troubled in life were. As He is so are we and so in whichever position, space or lane we have been planted in, there is a call to demonstrate genuine concern, encouragement and love to those around us to allow them to experience this wonderful light.

Matthew 5:16 King James Version (KJV)
16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

Last week I had a dream where I was somewhere that looked like an airport waiting room and I could see hundreds of differents size planes from all over the world, America, Asia, Africa suddenly needing to come and land by emergency in what seemed like a crash. I spent the last few days trying to use my logic mind as to what it meant but the one thing I really did not do was ask the revealer of dreams to tell me what it meant, as good as sleeping on the job really. As watchmen on the wall, ours is to pray and ask for direction as well as words of encouragement if something difficult is inevitably going to happen. Today I thought to myself, that was what that dream was all about when we woke up to the news the Thomas Cook, a company that is 175 years old has gone into liquidation leaving thousands of holidaymakers needing to make their way home as their planned flights were no more. Thousands of people will lose their jobs and are going home tonight with a great sense of insecurity, the worry of how they are going to make ends meet and this is likely to breed more uncertainty and fear at a time in the nation where things are already wobbly with Brexit coming up.

John 12 vs 32
And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself.”

If you are already a believer in Christ, is time to lift up Jesus more than your own name in your life and your actions. It is time to put on the new man for real and walk in the true identity in Christ. The compassionate, wise, strategic, patient, loving, kind, faithful one who walked on this earth and demonstrated to us what it was like to walk in love. There has never been a better time for the nation of UK to return back to their 1st love, the rock of ages who is timeless and is able to bring peace and rest in peoples lives in the midst of chaos.

People around you may be going through something difficult, challenging or disruptive in their life. You may be the only Jesus that they get to see and you cannot be hiding your light. It will not be about how many conferences we did or books we wrote but we will be judged on how we treated others. Let that good fruit of the spirit that you bear hang low so they can be easily picked and bring others into the strong tower where they too can be saved from whatever s troubling them!


Tendayi Ndoro

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