I have had a really satisfying week this week. A week where 5 of my clients completed their house purchases and FINALLY, I say FINALLY, got the keys to their new properties. These cases were all such roller-coaster rides with combinations of sellers pulling out and my clients having to start again, properties being devalued by the valuers and the lender not happy to lend the specified amount so having to start again and look for another property, an anomaly showing up on credit file stopping lender from being happy with lending or just one thing or another that kept coming up that could have nailed the coffin on individual’s dreams and plans of purchasing that home or investment. But I am so impressed with the tenacity and determination that these individuals displayed despite the going getting tough along the way and needing to navigate and manoeuvre with a flexible mind from what their initial desires and plans had been to get there in the end.

Patience is a virtue that I was not naturally gifted with but I have come a long way and am noticing the advantages of remaining and being persistent in what you are aiming for until it comes to fruition. It is easy to get discouraged in life when the hurdles and obstacles show up but I want to encourage someone today to keep pushing with persistence and stay in the race. You may be taken on a bit of a detour but try and enjoy the scene whilst you are meandering around. In the book of Exodus we see the children of Israel who wondered around the wilderness for 40 years but there were things about them that needed to be worked out in that place. They however kept one foot going in front of the other and eventually reached their promised land. That land of milk and honey which had been promised to them. Now I’m not suggesting that it should take half a lifetime for you to get what you have been waiting on but you need to be able to trust the process and stop jumping in and out of the queue, not allowing the process to complete

Do not give up on your dream. The races of life are not given to the swift but to those who stay in the race lanes. Keep pushing until you reach the finishing line. Others have done it before and you can do it too. Greater is He that is in you, enabling you, renewing you, encouraging you, refreshing you, than the one that is in the world, whispering discouragement and mocking you that you will never get there. The FINISHING LINE IS AHEAD OF YOU…KEEP PUSHING