This has been a year where I have witnessed a lot of great men and women who are playing influencial roles in our society die suddenly mainly from critical illnesses. There have been such blows from Cancers, heart attacks, strokes, and it becomes a totally different ball game when I teach about statistics and then it starts coming closer to home with people you actually know, you have actually had conversations with, shared dreams, desires and passions with. It hurts and is just a stark reminder that none of us will be here on earth in this flesh form forever and we will inevitably leave some loved ones behind us unless they go before us.

The most painful thing about death or serious illness is the prospect of never seeing the one you love again on this earth or watching those you care about in physical agony and suffering. Being unable to do anything about the situation except leave it in the hands of the medical experts and their Creator can be extremely frustrating. There is however an additional mental stress that can be posed when money worries kick in because that individual is very likely to have made a significant financial contribution to the running of the household. Financial commitments unfortunately do not dissapear with a death and children still need to go to university; house bills still need to be paid; food still needs to be put on the table.

My question to you today is where will your family stand if you were off work sick for the next 6 months? What plans and dreams would they have to give up on if you were to be diagnosed with a critical illness or die suddenly before the end of the year? Have you put any plans for them in place. As a Christian I often hear a lot of people say God will provide and I have no doubts about that but I want to argue that he also urges us get wisdom, and in all our getting to get understanding.

Have you put your house in order? Provided you have the means, it is irresponsible to not prepare for something that you know is coming someday. Unless you are going to be like Enoch and walk off the earth in style to be with God or if Jesus comes before you die, death will unfortunately knock on your households door at some point. We all want it to be at the ripe old age of over 90 but the last year has reminded me that that is unfortunately not always the case. Young children are left behind, wives are left as widows, mortgages are left unpaid. There is a time for everything, make the most of life with your loved ones today, enjoy the conversations, play with your children, savor each breath that you are able to take in without any machines helping you to breathe, believe for and plan for a brighter tommorow for your loved ones; but in all of these things do what you can to PROTECT THE ONES YOU LOVE. Life insurance, critical illness cover and income protections are just a small tool that can help ease the financial strain at what can be a very traumatic and lifechanging time.

Stop procastinating, do not delay, contact me today and PROTECT THE ONES YOU LOVE!