The Tapestry of a Woman-A New Breed of Woman Arising

As I was just taking a moment for a coffee break in the thick of my long to do list today, my mind just wandered and I began to think of a thick rich colourful woven material that not only has the potential to create exquisite clothes and designs but has a texture and feel that is so comfortable, attractive and appealing. As I have seen various messages from around the world celebrating women today and acknowledging their importance in society, I began to think of how a moment like we are experiencing now is one that many women before us probably only dreamt about. I have had the privilege and fortune of coming across INCREDIBLE WOMEN in my life journey who have built me up to be the woman that I am today. When it is your close family and friends you often have the tendency to think and assume well they have to be there for you and love you anyway so that does not count. But when I see strangers or new acquaintances showing great acts of kindness towards me and covering me up wherever I am exposed instead of jeering, I feel totally blessed.

Women over the years have been synonymously known for gossip, jealousy, back biting and there is actually a common saying that says “Hell Hath no fury than a woman scorned” which means that when you upset her, woe betide the consequences that you will experience”

But I see a New Breed of WOMAN arising, a WOMAN that has dealt with her past issues and is looking ahead at a brighter future. A woman who is confident in her own position and does not feel threatened by other women around her. A woman who will bend over backward to ensure the success of a fellow sister and do all that she can to ensure that she reaches the top of her game! A woman who will step in and be a mother to the motherless, a sister to the sister less a friend and confidante who will give sound advise to ensure the safe delivery of the other woman’s dreams, ideas hopes and desires. I see a woman who will stand in the gap and pray for her fellow woman as if she were praying for herself and will move heaven and earth to ensure the safe passage of her sister to her rightful position. This new breed of woman is creating the most incredible tapestry of fabric from all around the world, every religion, every background and this beautiful cloth is drawing many from their past positions of fear and obscurity to positions of power and influence. All of this making the world a better brighter place to live in.

Like this if you form part of this New Breed of Woman who when she stands together with other woman will be able to accomplish anything!

The Tapestry of A Woman- A New Breed of Woman Arising