This weekend was one of those moments that was really treasured in my life. My mom’s 60th birthday party was intended to be a small cosy intimate gathering and it was just that! Imagine walking into a room filled with family and friends you haven’t seen in ages, a room full of your favourite loved ones celebrating the gift of life. It was only a few hours long but the memories of the event will last a lifetime. Imagine eating a decadent cake with the ingredients of laughter, dancing, great food, drink and love, joy and peace holding it all together. Such moments are rare and priceless!

So as I was looking at the photographs of the day done by Anesu Photography, I realised how important capturing the moments of life truly is. Babies are born and are soon grown up and so much happens in a 24 hour period but we often do not stop to take stock and enjoy those little moments. Video messages from family were compiled and as I listen to some of the mischiefs that took place when they were younger, some of the little secrets revealed explained a lot of traits I find in myself and helped me get an even better understanding of who my parents are. You see time on this earth is so limited and we unfortunately spend too much of it worrying about how we are going to pay the bills, the troubles we currently face in our relationships, health or work scene or any other numerous trial that life is in the habit of throwing our way. It is important in the midst of the daily chaos to constantly take time out to just enjoy the simply pleasures with your loved ones, record moments where great wisdom and teachings are imparted and to just love one another. My parents have been married for 40 years now and my dad shared how on the journey you can only but see a few miles ahead and despite the numerous challenges that come at any given time,how it is key to have FAITH that you will come out onto the other side and that life will continue beyond what you can see. It is important to treasure the Journey, the good times and the bad, and after 40 years of being with the same person,you begin to realise that its the simple things that hold everything together!

So today I have a new appreciation for those selfie videos, authors, photographers and videographers who ensure that memories are captured. You do not know the day nor the time indeed that you will be snatched off this earth and hence each moment that you have been given, treasure it, enjoy it, CAPTURE IT! Memories are the only meaningful thing that cannot be taken away from you that you have of those who are near and dear to you when they are no longer around. We are truly living in dangerous times and we only need to look at the series of events happening around the world to realise that each day you make it through the day is a gift that cannot be taken for granted. Make the time to love your loved ones sincerely, encourage and edify them to reach their hearts desires, laugh from the belly together, dance till your feet hurt and as and when you can, and remember to CAPTURE THE MOMENTS, you will never have that time and moment again!.