Ashes to Beauty- A father’s Heart for his Daughters

I love testimonies because they not only encourage and uplift but they are real time stories of real events from real people. This morning I got extremely exited when my good childhood friend Wendy sent me a message and said she need to share with me something that had happened to her since My book launch. She is a mom of two little ones including a little baby but on the day of the book launch she just knew she needed to be there and thankfully her amazing husband ensured that she could come and spend the night over and REALLY BE THERE for me in so many ways she doesn’t even realise.

I’ve been getting a stream of testimonies over the last few weeks as people have been getting an opportunity to read the book but today when I looked back at the promise that God Gave me about what the book would do as people read it; at a time I was dragging with writing the book, I was floored and literally wept. The book is about Restoration of True Identity. Obedience to your God given instructions is key in order to fulfil your mandate. Before the launch Wendy had been expressing she did not know what her gifts and hence true purpose was or even how to clearly get these instructions. I was not in a position to say much or anything but just found myself praying in the spirit in response to her questions. An intercessory gift of tongues given by the Holy Spirit that I initially found frustrating but that I have grown to cherish. We do not know what to pray for and hence the Holy Spirit intercedes for us with groaning and utterances we do not understand. I did not know what I was praying for but the Intercessor knew what she needed. So just about 3 weeks later when she sent me the below testimony, a new book is coming out for all of you out there who have had challenges in life, especially in marriages, and I am in awe of HOW ABLE OUR GOD IS, if we only comply with his will, plan and purpose for our lives, we will surely do great exploits.

When Tenz told me she was launching a book, I felt so excited and proud, I thought this was definitely her special moment and I wanted to be there to support her. I remember on the Thursday I found myself listening to Deitrick Haddon’s song He’s Able. Later on that night, I looked on Tenz’s Facebook page and she had posted a post were she related to the book of Ephesians 3 verse 20 which says,” Now to Him who is able to [carry out His purpose and] do superabundantly more than all that we dare ask or think [infinitely beyond our greatest prayers, hopes, or dreams], according to His power that is at work within us.” Deitrick’s song has lyrics were it says don’t give up on God because he wont give up on you which hold a powerful meaning in my personal life. So by coincidence when we were setting up the venue for her launch we both started singing He’s Able.

During her Q&A session, I just felt so overwhelmed with emotions as I asked my question that I cried and she cried too. My question and her answer were so fitting to the worry I was secretly carrying in me whilst I was sitting in that audience. When the launch finished, on our way back to hers I just spoke my heart and burst into tears in the car. I cried and she cried with me and at the same time she was praying in tongues and told me to pray.

Tenz received some guests who came to congratulate her on her book and we all had good conversation and a good laugh. Before Pastor Russell departed, he wanted to pray. During prayer, Tenz reached out to hold my hand and she started crying looking through me and I started crying too. At the end of the prayer, Pastor Russell asked if he could pray for me. He prayed for me once, called me again (twice) and again (three times). By the time Tenz drove me to the train station, I was so overwhelmed and in a different zone altogether. I just felt like something had shifted in me, in my whole entire body physically.

I got home safe that Saturday night and I realised God had booked me a seat in advance to Tenz’s book launch. He had orchestrated every step of my journey to make sure I did not miss out. God had a Word for me. I went to church the following day and I came home and told my husband he should write a book. When I met him he was writing songs, recently he talked about blogging and his voice and opinions have become bold over the years. So I thought, writing must be my husband’s God given gift or talent and I cannot allow him to waste it.

I remember listening to Bishop T.D Jake’s 2016 sermon, Grounded in Grace for the second time that night and this time with a pen and paper in my hand. I realised I had to search for my God given gifts and talents. Now the next day, I sat down trying to figure out my God given gifts and talents with my Bible beside me. I mapped out my gifts on paper and found myself putting a big star next to the initials of the powerful women in my life. I counted how many they were and they added up to the number 7. The following day, I found myself having this sudden urge to write about these powerful women and how God placed them in my life. And just like that, I came up with my book title, My 7 Diamonds, The Powerful Women In Our Lives.

So we wait in anticipation for this book that will b coming out soon but in the meantime, my MY ENCOURAGEMENT TO YOU TODAY IS To recognise that everything in your life is working together for your good because you love the Lord. If you are sick and have been for a while, it may be that you will be downloaded with a cure to that illness, if you are struggling with your finances, you are being pressed like olives are pressed to come up with that oil which will be used by many for several functions, if you are being persecuted, you may be the one who will be entrusted with a solution to set many free, being restricted by having being unemployed for so long could be because you have businesses within you that will allow you to employ many!

Refuse to go to the grave with that invention, book, movie, new system, business or winning strategy within you. God is restoring your IDENTITY back to where it was in the beginning, that is the Father’s Heart for his daughters!

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