Now I get so excited when I meet and come across women like Christy Amalu who do not only preach a message of faith but do everything in their power to walk the walk too. Now if you are one who is full of excuses of why you cannot do it, this lady had all the excuses anyone could give. A mother of 4 children, a wife to a pastor, in full time employment and many more hurdles that only she and her family know. But despite all of that she managed step out of full time employment and set up her own limited company, author a book and now create a sweet smelling perfume that will be smelt throughout the world called CHAMY! Now all that in a day’s work, if you are still counting your list of why you cannot do something, it is time you rub shoulders and connect to people who can show you how you can do it! This in my own opinion is a story of a Proverbs 21 woman who has an incredible secure husband supporting her to fulfil her destiny without feeling threatened or emasculated. Children who promote and support their mother’s vision and have no doubt have had to sacrifice a lot whilst mommy was in the birthing and implementing phases of her dreams. I’ve been to her house before and watched her cook fresh meals for her children and minister to her family whilst managing to accomplish all this as well. As I watched her tackle project after project I know that the best is yet to come for this ordinary woman who is doing extraordinary things. A true testimony of I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

The launch of this event will be an atmosphere like no other and if you dare to dream and would like to tap into this world of unlimited possibilities, you need to book your free ticket to this event at the Holiday Inn Milton Keynes on Friday 2 October 2015 from 630pm to 11pm. When you learn to celebrate others who are breaking the limitation and boundaries of that 9-5, you too will be celebrated as you launch out into the deep. I truly believe now that no eye has seen, no ear has heard what God has in store for those who love him. Book your ticket to the event now on Do not miss out, you want to be there! And if you are not able to make it to the event, be sure to like her page on

Why am I sharing this with you today you may ask? Because I know that you too have some dreams within you that you are waiting for the perfect conditions to arise for you to pursue. Some of you have mind-blowing ideas that you have had and are great solutions that the world is waiting for right now. You were created for a purpose, for such a time as this, and as the author Vonayi wrote in a must have copy for the season CRAZY NOT TO DREAM WHICH Amazon or kindle, a must read for anyone who want to fulfil their dreams!

We are all going to be 6 feet under one day, and what a shame to go down with all those inventions, those designs, those books, those perfumes, those inventions, strategies and innovations that only you were created and designed to do! People talk about competition and often ask or even wonder why I promote people who I believe can positively impact my circle of influence like I do, but I believe that is what I was put on this earth to do, my own passion is to see people get unstuck from where they are and get to where they want to be. There is plenty of success available for everyone who is prepared to go and get it! Even as I teach on the importance of financial planning often times I am cementing business for other providers but I know I still get rewarded by informing people so they know the importance of having this in place. I have been given the gift within me to encourage and seemingly by mistake have gained skills throughout my vocation and training that equips me to do so. So why not use them, fine I am not the most articulate or skilled person in the world, not have the best circumstances in life that one could have but by using the little that I have, I will be equipped and entrusted with a lot more. Start from where you are and do not wait for the situation to be perfect, there is no such thing!

Every experience you have had, every disappointment, every venture, was shaping you to be fully equipped to bring forth out into the world, doing exactly what you were created to do! Ask Alexander Bell, the Wright Brothers, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Strive Masiwa, all many other great innovators and revolutionists who followed though on an idea, a dream, a need they saw and pursued it until it came to success. They too came from backgrounds and had situations and circumstances that were not ideal but they made it. You too can do this, begin by writing those wild thoughts and imaginations down and following through. One step at a time, there is no magic formula to success except picking yourself up when you fall down and trying again. The world is waiting for your solutions…..

In the meantime come join us to celebrate this sweet story of Success…CHAMY!.