An amazing friend of mine, who is doing a sterling job of raising five children on her own as a lone parent in the gruelling climate in Zimbabwe, shared some news with the other day that I had to exclaim – “It can only be GOD!” When our children are growing up, their demands are never-ending from school fees, food, clothes, but she uses the works of her hands to allow her to cater to their needs. As a lone parent myself, I fully understand how any shift in expenses can throw everything out of balance.

A medical emergency in a nation where you have to cough up the money upfront before anyone even looks at you is one of those things that can throw things off track. Her daughter had a needle broke in into her foot last year, a day after her prom dance. Her mom was in the States for ministry at that time and only saw her three weeks later but she had explained that she felt as if the thing that had pricked her was in her foot. The pain would disappear for months and then suddenly recur. A recent swimming gala triggered the pain seriously and at informing her mom after several days where she was now struggling to walk this triggered a visit to the doctor to do an x-ray to get to the root of the cause.

                                                                                                                                                                                    This was another very costly thing to have to add onto all the bills that mommy had to pay.  The thoughts of what it could be were becoming a cause of unrest even for this prayerful woman of God who knew that she could depend on God and needed to trust him.  After weeks of waiting for a consultant to give her a quotation, a bill finally came through a surgery that needed to be performed at a sweet tune of $US 1k.  The last thing my sister needed to hear!    

But to the Glory of God, while she was visiting her daughter at her boarding school one morning, as her daughter removed her old socks to put on new ones her mom had just brought her, out came the needle in full, and it fell into her shoe. Nothing short of a miracle!  It dropped out from the sole of her feet just like that!  No surgery, no payments to anyone.  By the power of the Holy Ghost, who has been circumnavigating that thorn to come out of her flesh at such a time as this her deliverance came!    

I do not know what painful situation you have had to endure for longer than you thought you could bear, I do not know what condition has become a thorn in your flesh that you have become accustomed to and thought would never end. I am here to encourage you today that nothing is impossible for our God! The same God who pulled the needle out of the sole of her daughters’ foot today is the same God who can pull the bitterness out of your life circumstance right now! Some problems you can throw money at and they will go away but some simply need His Divine intervention!

He is a God who can do exceedingly, abundantly above all that you could ask, think or imagine, according to the power that is working in you and me! Be expectant for Him to move on your behalf today, expect him to remove that thorn in your flesh and He will not charge you a penny for it! He is able! He is bringing you, out of your treacherous condition today! The Egyptians you saw of old, you shall not see anymore as you step into this new season that God has prepared for you!


Tendayi Ndoro

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