The waymaker JESUS is moving mountains on your behalf. HE is levelling every mountain and straightening every crooked path!

Sometimes we have so many huge hurdles in front of us it is difficult to imagine how we are going to get through them.  When I look at many highways and roads even the most remote parts of the world, I realise that someone had to cut some trees, dig some land and level some ground then tar it for others to be able to move on that road in the future and make a way for others to enter in.  The process is never easy but there is always someone who is given to you to allow the road to be smoother.  God loves people and will send some people to help you cross over.

For many who have allowed him to work through the obstacles for you, and waited patiently, THE WAIT IS OVER! He makes all things beautiful in TIME.


Tendayi Ndoro

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