Lets face it, life is filled with its ups and downs and most of the time they are relatively small setbacks that you can find yourself navigating around, maintaining your ability to continue moving with your day to day work. Life teaches you to get on with it because the world certainly does not wait around for you to get over it or sort it out, so you bumble along, carrying your troubles and issues along with you.

And then comes along a big DIP…, a huge pothole in your life that you did not see or fathom coming your way but when it hits you, it literally feels like a tonne of bricks has come crashing down on top of your world! Things like a medical diagnosis, sudden death of a loved one, a significant loss in business a breakup when you still love the other person, things that take you by surprise and leave you asking so many questions why or how things went wrong but with noone to answer you!

A biblical character I can think of who went through a series of such type of life shattering events is Job! Within one day his whole world came crashing down and all he could do was tear off his clothes and worship his God! Wow, worship God amidst such devastating and catastrophic news, he must have been a saint! More like ask God if he really is there and if he was there, how he could allow you to find yourself in such circumstances…how you could be stripped of so much that means the world to you in such a short space of time! Such events leave you downright flat and tired of living! Literally feeling like the air has been punched out of your lungs!
But this morning I want to encourage someone not to throw the towel in, not to give up. Whilst weeping may endure for the night, joy will come in the morning. The enemy of this world is at work day and night which is why God sent us a saviour Jesus that when you put your hope in him and let him take over the hurt, disappointment, pain and burden, you will find yourself experiencing a peace that surpasses all human understanding amidst that storm. Do not blame yourself or beat yourself up about where you are right now but just allow yourself to rest in the Lord Jesus who is able to give you back beauty for your ashes! He did it for Job, he did it for me, hey, he will do it for you too, if you open your heart to him and let him in. If you don’t know him yet and are not sure if he is really there why not say these words out loud “Jesus, if you are really there, if you are the true son of God and you love me, I ask you to reveal yourself to me through this storm, that I may know that I know that you truly live and I will let you be the only Lord and saviour in my life, and be able to worship you like Job did, all the days of my life.”

Then you will see that greatest test you are experiencing right now become your TESTIMONY! Beauty for ashes in the name of Jesus.