As I was having my quiet time today I just began to think about how come some people seem to set things in motion and have them flourish most of the time whilst there is a group that constantly seems to struggle and not have anything seem to come together. When we desire certain things, we pray for them, make declarations/affirmations and sometimes even put pictures up of what we want to see up on our vision boards to help us bring it to fruition. Yet when it comes to taking action, it can be difficult for many to know which action to take. Getting the right combination of these things together to have a winning strategy can often seem like you are in a complex maze.

I have however discovered a couple of tangible keys as I was analysing the process as I have been reviewing areas where success has seemed to come effortlessly in my life and I wanted to see how that winning formula could be translated to areas I am still struggling with and share them with you for your individual journey too. You can probably apply this methodology to several areas of your life by using the first step which is realising that whatever we need will come to us via a certain mode of transportation, or to put it in another way, something has to carry it or contain it for us to receive it.

I’ll give you a few examples of what I mean here. Jesus Christ was a solution to man’s sinful ways and a gift from God to mankind for him to reunite God’s personal relationship with us to life again. It was prophesied before he came that he would come through a woman (mode of transport to earth) and before his time, I’m sure all the virgin girls would aim to keep themselves pure so they had an opportunity to be the chosen one. Mary was the one who found favour in the end and she had aligned herself with being a candidate for being the chosen one by being holy and pure but was given the invitation for the assignment when she got an angelic visitation from the angel Gabriel to which she had to agree to the assignment and say AMEN. The holy spirit of God then overshadowed her and it came to pass! This example like what happens in ordinary life also reminds us that the way in which it will happen often requires us to let go of pre-conceived ways that things will happen as the actual way it transpires will often make any mental sense.

Another type of example is the story that you find of the widow in 2 Kings 4 who had her husband’s creditor’s who were threatening to enslave her two son’s to pay off the late husband’s debts. Another one for all you married people out there to be aware of. Know what each of you owes as when one of you dies, the remaining spouse becomes liable for the debt so it is important for you to know what your spouse owes, it is your business! So this woman was asked by the prophet Elisha what she had in her house and she had a small jar of olive oil. She was instructed to go and ask for empty jars from all her neighbours (she did not need to give those back!) and asked to pour the oil from what she had into the empty vessels and they all filled up. She was then able to sell them and pay off the creditors and have her son’s remain free. The jar of olive oil was the mode of transportation of the blessing here and even with the feeding of 5000 by Jesus required a little boy’s lunchbox with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes as the portal of multiplication with that miracle!

So we see all these examples throughout the bible and in real life where for example if you want a new house, a vehicle for getting that to you can be a loan from the bank called a mortgage for which one has to prepare your financial credentials to prove your credit worthiness and still need to APPLY for it for it to actually happen. When I wanted to go to private school during my high school years, despite my parents not being able to pay the hefty school fees then, I simply applied for the place in faith that I would get in and positioned myself for a full scholarship based on my entrance exam results! That was the mode of my educational blessing.

As I looked at these things this morning I concluded that, there is a method or means in which your answer will come and it requires you to take some actions to align yourself to receiving it. The bible says that it is impossible to please God without Faith, and that many people have heard the Good news before but it did them no good because they did not mix it with this vital ingredient called faith or believing. We have a generation that remains longing and wishing but is not prepared to take the actions that are required to position yourself for receiving your breakthrough.

So today I want to encourage someone to prepare the vessel of transportation by which your dream or answer may come through. If it is a new home you are looking to buy, begin to look at your finances more carefully, getting rid of unnecessary expenses and ensuring that your credit score is in order. If you are having marital communication problems, look at the relationships around you and ensure that the relationships that are speaking into your life are breathing the life that you want into it. It is great to detox and rid yourself of poisonous liaisons that are threatening your union and looking into where things are failing just between the two of you without any other parties involved. It is amazing how just a little romantic weekend away from it all can rekindle that fire and give you both a fresh perspective on your union. If you are waiting on or trying for a baby, keep your body fit and healthy and maintain a positive mental attitude with no pressure and enjoy the process. If you want to be in the next Olympic Games and win a gold medal, start training and setting yourself progressive targets so that you are ready when the time comes. You can only do your part to align yourself with the success and allow God to do the rest!.