There is a little story in the old testament that has been fascinating me all week as I looked at it from seve…ral angles and its relevance today and if you are interested you can find it in the Holy Bible 1 Kings 13. It talks of a prophet who had been sent by God to give a message to a King and had moved with such accuracy that the sons of an existing “old prophet” in that town ran to tell him all that had happened that day. The old prophet perhaps because of jealousy then went and lied to the man of God against a specific instruction that he had been given by God himself.and used the words ‘I too am a prophet and hear from God’ his detriment and subsequent death.
The story initially made me look to what happens to you when you stop being relevant in your time..when you cease to recieve fresh insights and instruction perhaps through complacency or just your ego getting to that point that you have arrived and there is no need yo keep aspiring. If you do not move with the times and keep fresh in your calling, when the new kid on the block comes and wows the world, it is so likely that jealousy sets in and get hell bent on causing confusion in other peoples destinies by derailing them. Keep things fresh and relevant in your business, marriage, relationships, health and finances to avoid the likely evil mindset of jealousy creeping in when someone comes in who can do what you did better. NOONE has a franchise on God and all creation were made to bear fruit and multiply whilst for mankind we are supposed to move from Glory to Glory. So if things have gotten a little stale, freshen it up and get that fire back in your belly and STOP causing confusion by messing up other peoples assignments because you cannot fulfil your own.
Then to the man of God who was derailed off his mission and ignored the specific instructions that came from God because of a simple WORD that a seemingly matured seasoned man of God gave him, my insight here is stay focused on the specific indtructions of the assignment. Anyone who has ever been a student knows and understands that the order of the words in the exam question and how you interpret it determines whether you follow out what was asked of you or not.Failure to follow instructions can lead to total failure or in the case of this poor man of God..destruction. When you are running your race and it becomes clear that you are doing well, you will suddenly get an influx of advice from those who did not make it to the finishing line of their calling or assignment, try and “give you advice” and this is where the discerner in you has to awaken.Trust in what God has deposited in your spirit about what to do and what not to do as you journey along in this life. The poor man of God ended up in the grave…
TODAY I want to encourage some people and say that you will be able to reach the expected outcome in your marriage, ministry, career, relationships, health and finances. When you have been advised by the doctor to stay away from fatty foods, dont let those who long gave up on a healthy lifestyle come to tempt you with a portion of chunky deep fried chips coz they couldnt stick to the plan!