When I had a vision about a week ago, the message which was titled HOLD FAST TO GOD’S WORD AND PROMISES- HE IS MAKING A WAY FOR ACCELERATED PROGRESS, I had no clue how it was going to map itself out but knew that this was one to release to the public at large. Over the last few weeks there have been shocking and often dissapointing revelations for many people in their lives but I want to encourage somebody today if you too are exeriencing this transitional stage to hold on, God is with you in the avalanche.

In the vision, I saw a clear blue sky with a few wispy clouds in it and a white man standing in front of a snowy big mountain and he had a big sword in his hands. He was holding it up high above his head then suddenly there was a shaking than an avalanch that covered the man’s whole body in snow except for his face. I then saw a man wearing a light blue robe stand beside him and he started to dig the man out of the avalanch and bring him out of the deep snow.

As I asked the Lord what this meant, I heard him say “I am shaking things and levelling the mountains over Europe and there will be some debris that will come down and it will feel overwhelming for many and it is key that they remain rooted in my word.

Some lies and old things that have been hidden and covered what really is beneath in peoples lives will be unearthed. These things will be exposed even at the highest governmental levels. It will feel overwhelming like an avalanche for many and it is key for my people to hold fast to the sword of the spirit, the word of God during this time so that they can stand. I will pull you out of the rubble, I will bring you out of the mess. This is a necessary phase as I am uncovering all the things that have been hidden and bringing to light things that have neen hingering progress in many peoples lives” says the Lord.

Put on salvation as your helmet and take the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God-Eph 6 vs 17

So do not be moved by what you are seeing, trust that God has still got your back despite the affair that you have just found out your partner/spouse is having, the medical diagnosis that has finally come through after months of just being ill and not knowing what is going on, that voicemessage that was sent to you by mistake by your “dearest friend” in which they are talking bad things about you and you find out what they are really thinking about you, that business partner who has been snookering you and making deals on the side without you. God is removing the obstacles and the timewasting things that have hindered your progress, yes it will hurt, yes you will feel some pain, but hold fast to him and let him bring forth the NEW DAY he has prepared for you!

It is time for you to ENTER INTO HIS PROMISES OVER YOUR LIFE and He wants you to take in with you only the things that are true and noble, that are just and pure, that are lovely and of a good report, that have virtue in them and are praiseworthy! Focus and meditate on these things during this time!